Some people act like their shxt don’t stink. Me, I know mines do; however, I just spray it with air freshener! Let’ move on shall we!


Learn from yest….

Learn from yesterday, Live for today and hope for tomorrow.

Sad state of affairs for Black Women.

RHOA needs to go on “OWN”  and sit on Iyanla Vanzant’s couch for an interview so that they can explain to America why success Black women are so rachett (ghetto) for the dollar. Why is old successful established Black women classless? Why are they trying “So” hard to portray that image to America. Granted, some of us has made it materialistically; however; mentally, some of us are so “Sic” their is defiantly a mental imbalance going on!!!!  Why is this the end result and high light of the their careers even with education, money and fame?  What is this about? The scary and sadistic part about this situation is that there is no shame!  Kenya Moore’s video is equivalent to Condalisa Rice Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It’s “WRONG”  The behavior of some successful Black women is “DISGRACEFUL”! They are not the cream of the crop the women of RHOA!

Oprah is the evolved Black woman. I hope my daughters strive to be that type of woman! A woman of dignity and respect. I hate to say but in my opinion I feel Black women has lost their damn minds for the love of money!!!!

OMG! That video is not in the best interest of the former Miss USA. Kenya stick to twirling and smiling. Please let everyone (Beyonce) be themselves. Damn that’s like Condaliza Rice. Noooooooo! It’s just wrong!

The DVR Files

Everyone knows that Kenya Moore won Miss USA NOT Miss Congeniality.

But do we know HOW she won? Well, Dick Clark does. Because she answered his question in the Miss USA pageant! What a lucky man he was that he got to speak to Miss Kenya in person before he passed.

Fast forward to 2:32 where we find out that in America anything is possible (except for finding a good man in Atlanta!).

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